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Harris Allen Group, LLC

Harris Allen Group, LLC

The Harris Allen Group (the HA Group; www.harrisallengroup.com) is an independent consultancy devoted to improving performance in health and healthcare. Now headquartered in Atlanta, GA., USA, the HA Group has delivered measurement and management expertise and capabilities drawn from the healthcare, scientific and business sectors to the marketplace since 1998. Clients have ranged from employers, employer health coalitions, state agencies, onsite clinics, health management vendors, and health plans to pharma and specialty firms.

Services and tools have spanned design, methods, program and communication components that feature customized evaluation design and implementation to drive improved outcomes and reduced costs, results-oriented measurement and analytics to shape, enable and refine management and strategy, and well-documented capacities for interpreting results and conveying the "big picture'' to multiple audiences. This work has helped propel the emergence of value-driven population health (VDPH) as a new approach for improving stakeholder role performance. The HA Group’s major focus these days is to support the use of VDPH in community and stakeholder settings, while advancing the latter’s science and management. For more info, visit www.vdph.us.

Hutchinson Traylor

Hutchinson Traylor

Our passion is working to transform our country’s healthcare system.


Purchasers are beyond frustrated about their sky-rocketing healthcare expense, usually the 2nd or 3rd largest in their budget. They struggle to obtain the data necessary to understand what drives cost, much less control it.


We are guides. Our team reveals the problems in healthcare and brings a Turn-Key platform proven to reduce cost while improving patient outcomes and overall experience.  


Rather than languishing in the costly and stressful status quo, the Employers can transform into a High Peformance Healthcare Plan, becoming a Hero to their employees, and then can turn their attention to more profitable activities for their organization.



Adhere2Care is an emerging company providing integration of medical device information to a cloud based information management system creating advanced capabilities to proactively monitor patient health indicators. 

S4 Events, LLC - An Events Management Company

“Bringing Clients and Solutions Together”

S4 Events is dedicated to bringing businesses and organizations together with solution vendors and educational opportunities resulting in smarter employees, efficiency improvement and financial success for all attendees.