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7:55 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
8:05 AM
Value-driven Population Health: Asking the Right Questions

Learn how thru VDPH Value-driven Population HealthSM, a new approach now under discussion for Atlanta, these employer breakthroughs are leading all stakeholder groups to do their part for better system outcomes at reduced costs


Harris Allen, PhD
Harris Allen, PhD
Founder and Principal - Harris Allen Group
8:50 AM
Panel Discussion: Strategies on reducing Healthcare spend / Improving Quality of Care

Journey Of Success:  Hear the stories from the panel of corporate professionals who are successfully making a dramatic impact on the financial bottom lines of their company healthcare costs.

  • How a Georgia based company saved over $29 Million


John Hoggle
John Hoggle
CEO & President - Adhere2Care
9:35 AM
Exhibitor Networking
10:10 AM
Employers are solving Healthcare

Learn how employers are taking more ownership in the health status of their employees. 


Edward Smith of Hutchinson Traylor: Insurance, Benefits and Consulting, works with employers in the region, is a nationally recognized expert in the subject. 

Recently, Edward was a speaker at the recently held World Health Care Congress held in Washington, DC. Click on the link below to read event description: 

 World Health Care Congress


10:55 AM
The Value of Wellness: A Healthy Workforce is a Competitive Advantage

Dr. Fabius will highlight research in the literature that connects a healthy workforce to better performance and productivity.  He will feature his textbook – Population Health: Creating Cultures of Wellness to define population health and its component parts.  Additionally he will feature his own research connecting award winning “culture of health” companies to marketplace superior performance.  Dr. Fabius will close by sharing his most recent research on quantifying – a corporate culture of health - by sharing an evidence based methodology that can score both mid-market and large employers out of 1000 points.  This process also identifies gaps from benchmark and can develop a multi-year strategic plan for employers to achieve flat or decreasing health care costs while improving the health status of their covered lives. 

11:45 AM
Lunch & Networking Opportunity

Exhibitors helping employers provide financially viable and quality options to create healthcare coverage & delivery solutions

1:05 PM
Leveraging the Value of Health and the Power of Prevention

The main reason the U.S. is experiencing a healthcare cost crisis, is because we have a health crisis in our society—which is causing an increase in the burden of chronic illness that is driving a growing demand for healthcare services. A sustainable solution to this cost conundrum is to reduce the health risk factors that lead to chronic disease: to move beyond our reactive, illness based, sick-care system to a proactive, wellness oriented, true health care system built from a foundation of value driven population health management and upon the pillars of prevention.

Therefore, leading employers are looking beyond healthcare benefits as a cost to be managed and rather to the benefits of good health as investments to be leveraged. 

This presentation will review practical employer initiatives that are delivering compelling results in lowering healthcare costs while enhancing the health and productivity of the workforce.

The bottom line is that good health is good business.

1:50 PM
Why and How People Change Health Behaviors


Joe Leutzinger, PhD
Joe Leutzinger, PhD
Founder - Health Improvement Solutions [HIS]
2:30 PM
Exhibitor Networking
3:20 PM
Q&A Sessions - All Speakers
  • Opportunity for informal dialogue with all guest speakers
  • Ask your questions for ALL to learn from 
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Closing Remarks

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